Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why Taylor Made Golf Equipment Ranks So Well

By Kent B. Hamilton

Whenever we talk of golf gear, the very first thing that strikes our mind is Taylor Made golf gear. They are one of the most popular and major brands in golf and the golfing industry of the Earth. This company has locked down its position in the sphere of golfing so much that irrespective of what occurs, its place will always remain secure. It was this company that initially introduced the metal woods to the game of golf.

What basically makes golf gear superior to the products of other companies? It is superior because the Corporation has a team dedicated to research, technology, quality and workmanship than that of the other golf equipment producing corporations. Since golf is a challenging game, most golfers merit clubs and other kit that may help them to win the game. This is true in respect of all the Taylor equipment, whether it is the drivers, irons, putters or woods, whatever may be your need, and Taylor Made has it.

They are readily available in most stores which stock sporting goods. You can find everything else you need also, your clothing, your golf bags, gloves, hats among other things.

These golf clubs were specifically designed for professionals, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use them . I think you might say that being so special they are bound to help you enhance your own game.

Today most stores selling equipment have a wide range of Taylor equipment ranging from clubs and golf sets, balls, Taylor R9, Burner Driver, Taylor Bag Accessories, Taylor Carts and Accessories, Taylor Club Accessories, Taylor Golf Bags, Taylor Gloves and Taylor hats. If you are playing the game of golf and winning the game is your ultimate goal, then the right equipment will play an important role in it.

Taylor Made Drivers, Irons and Fairway Woods will surely help you to dominate the course. The Taylor Made irons are classic in design and are made with the most modern technology. All the Taylor Made golf equipment has been made to deliver consistency and performance during the game of golf. If you are looking for golf equipment then check out for Taylor Made balls, clubs, golf bags and other equipment that will meet your requirements and improve your game and shot.

The team work and the drive galvanized to make and design the very best hardware, has made Taylor Made products the most asked for golf products in the world. This gives us an idea of the corporation's competitive spirit and desire for all round authenticity and invention. If you are a beginner and have just started to lean the abilities required to play a game of golf, you will need the proper tools for mastering your game as well as motivation, judgment and drive.

Taylor Made is a company that is bringing new technology to bear in their new designs so this means that there will always be clubs which are of an older design and cheaper to buy. They will still have the benefit of the Taylor Made expertise but just not made from the latest materials. This is where the importance of Taylor equipment comes in as a handy tool because all their golf equipment performs exceptionally well and can also effectively withstand the test of time. No matter what your requirements are, Taylor equipments have all of it, right from the clubs to the accessories that you need to push your game forward.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Types Of Callaway 3 Wood On The Market

By Bob Thompson

In this article I will briefly discuss the types of the Callaway 3 Wood range. At present Callaway currently make four different types of 3-wood, these are the Big Bertha Diablo, the X-Hot, the FT and the FT-i squareway. Depending on the type of golfer that you are will depend which club is right for you, as they all provide different effects in relation to swing styles.

The Big Bertha Diablo is as mentioned one of the most well known clubs the club head has been shaped to provide a longer shot length whilst still having excellent shot accuracy.

If twisting action is problematic within your swing then then FT-i Squareway may be a better choice of club for you asFT-i Squareway has a squareway inertial design placing the weight of the club head in the most extreme corners of the club. The result of this is that the club is loss prone to twisting throughout the swing action.

The X-Hot is designed to increase accuracy in hitting the ball the sole is split into two sections hich creates a smoother movement within the stroke. This design is exclusive to the Callaway X-Hot series.

The FT model of the Calaway 3 wood combines a variety of material blended together which give the engineers at Callaway the ability to fine tune the club to provide optimum weighting in key parts of the club head. This means that the flight trajectory of the shot is at it's best and allows for increased shot shaping.

The angle of the club face on a three wood is usually between 13 and 15 degrees, this is known as the loft of the wood. From a three wood you should be aiming to get the ball to travel around the 250 yard mark. When a driver is not an appropriate club for the tee off a 3 wood can be used. It is also handy for shots where the ball is just off the fairway or when the ball has a good lie in the rough.

As the amount of investment within Golf has increased so has the research that goes into the production of the clubs themselves. As such the market has been inundated with a variety of clubs to suit different kinds of swings, the best way to determine which is right for you is to go to a driving range with them and try them out. Most driving ranges allow for different clubs to be sampled so you won't have to buy them first.

The club heads of 3 woods are usually made from an alloy of titanium or steel. The advantage of steel is it's cheaper cost however a titanium club head will provide more power due to it's lighter weight.

The same metal compounds are used for fairway wood club heads as well. These woods increase in loft the higher the number of wood. This means that a 5 wood has more loft than a four wood and a four wood has more than a three wood. The more loft a wood has the higher the ball will travel in the air which means it will travel a shorter distance down the fairway.

The 1-wood is longest club a golfer can use, there are 2-woods manufactured but it is rare to find a golfer who uses one therefore the 3-wood is usually the second biggest club in a golf bag. The advantage of using woods instead of drivers is that they have smaller heads and are easy for beginners to start out with when striking a ball off the tee.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Golf Range Finders

By Dale Smith

With all of the advancements in golf, the newest craze are golf range finders. This neat piece of technology is changing the way that golfers approach the game. There are many types and they all offer some outstanding information, to assist you in improving your game.

There are very different thoughts about this new tool. It is now possible to know exactly how far you need to hit your shot to just drop it into the hole! Outstanding! You can also see how far you need to hit a shot to clear or come up short of a hazard, or other potential danger. Terrific! Most importantly, it can take a less than average golfer and make them a Pro. Well, not really and this is the thought where there are very conflicting discussions.

Yes, a range finder can help any player. However, they are not legal to use in any sanctioned event. Although many players may never even think about playing in an actual event, becoming used to having all of the outstanding information that you can get from your range finder is just not a great idea, when all of a sudden, you cannot depend on it anymore.

When you consider that range finders are not allowed in Tournament play, does it make sense to get overly dependent on something that you cannot use in crunch time? The actual answer is yes, but perhaps for different reasons than you might think. This is perhaps your best training tool. The proper place to use it, is at your local practice facility. By learning how far your shots travel and what happens to them when they land, will go a long way in helping you improve. Knowing how far you hit and learn to hit each club, under different circumstances, will have your handicap dropping.

Over 90% of the golfers in the world shot around 100 or are 18 handicap players. What this means, in many cases, is that their game needs improvement, not knowledge about the course they are playing. By using this great piece of technology to track how your ball flies, what it does when it lands and how to get consistent with repetitious practice, this is a spectacular tool.

Considering that most players do not compete in too many events, because they think their game is not good enough, you are missing out on some great competition. So, by using your range finder to improve your game will have a much greater impact than knowing where the trouble is, when you are not even sure that you can make the correct shot.

To assist you in finding distances, most golf courses have yardage markers on the sprinkler heads all over the course. All golf courses will have markers at the 100, 150 and 200 yard distances to give you some idea of where you are. If this tool could help you make a shot, that would be a great advantage, but it does not. You will find some very useful information, but if you use it effectively during your practice, you will likely get a lot more out of its use.

Many golf course have distances marked on the sprinkler heads all over the course. All golf courses will have markers on the sides of the fairways for 200, 150 and 100 yards. On the course, for most players, this is plenty of information. If you are just starting to play, do not be lured by the technology of the idea of knowing how far everything is. You should be more interested in learning how to play the game.

So, all players should own a golf range finder. The challenge is where is the best place to get the maximum benefit. If you actually make it to the practice facility, then use it to make your play better. Then on the course, you can learn to trust your abilities and play as the Pros do, whether you are a scratch player or one that is just playing for the recreational benefits.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Promotional Golf Umbrellas

By Johnny Hamm

Every golfer needs that golf umbrella for those rainy days on the course. The large doomed umbrellas will protect those expensive golf clubs and the golfer as well. These umbrellas are made with the golfer in mind and will keep you dry as you head back to the clubhouse while it is raining. They make wonderful gifts for the golfer in your life.

Golf umbrellas are oversized to fit you and your bag. They measure around sixty inches in diameter. There are smaller compact golf umbrellas, which are between thirty, and forty-eight inches in diameter. The umbrella will help to keep the golfer and clubs protected through its large doom design. There are golf umbrellas that have vents which help when it is windy. A double canopy style has a small vented canopy above the larger doom to withstand wind gusts as well as allow air to circulate.

The doom of the umbrella can have a complete arc or a slight arc. With a larger arc, it will keep the rain from coming in on you and your bag. The golf umbrella does not have a curved handle; instead, the grip is straight. This gives you more control with the umbrella and a better grip. Most golf umbrellas use a rubber grip. The straight handle will let you place it in your golf bag to protect the clubs and for storage.

The construction of the golf umbrellas use fiberglass for the shaft and ribbing. This makes the umbrella that much safer during lightning as you make your way to safe shelter. You can also find the shafts made from solid wood as well.

The great thing about golf umbrellas is that they can be silkscreen with a company logo. This is a wonderful advertising tool. You can find sport logos, bank logos and the professional golf promoters and sponsors. The logo golf umbrellas can sport your favorite golfing supplier as well as other companies.

These umbrellas make for great corporate or company gifts. Often they come gift boxed with embossed labels. It is not only useful for the golfer, but companies can market their goods and services. Some nonprofit groups that hold golf outings for fundraisers will have their logo imprinted on the umbrellas. These are nice gifts to give to the participants that are involved.

There are all kinds of colors and graphic designs available for golf umbrellas. You can find them with some of your favorite characters as well as geometric designs. Every golfer should be able to find the right style to match their golf bag. You can get some umbrellas that come with clips to attach to the bag, as well as those that fit right into the golf bag. You can use the umbrellas for any outdoor occasion. They are a great accessory for the beach or picnics. Do not forget the golf umbrella hat, a unique way to golf and get that cover from the rain or sun.

The golf umbrella makes for a great gift for the golfer or anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. With their oversized dooms, they will keep you and your golf clubs safe from the rain. You can find these at any sporting goods store or on the internet for many styles, colors, and designs.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Home Buyers In Naples Florida Find Upscale Amenities In The Vineyards

By Hubert Miles

If you are looking for a private community in Southwest Florida then you should consider The Vineyards in Naples. This master planned community with championship level golf, beautiful coastal landscapes, and luxury amenities.

The gated entrance to the Vineyards is like stepping into a tropical orchard with grand oak trees. From the streets to the paved walking paths, residents of the Vineyards enjoy the beauty of this gated tropical paradise.

Like one would expect from a tropical garden, water abounds in the Vineyards from the fountains and lakes that interweave themselves through out the community. The spacious home lots provide the privacy that many expect to find in a gated community. Active adults love the Vineyards for its two 18 hole golf courses, resort style swimming pools, 12 Har-Tru tennis courts, numerous neighborhood clubhouses with luxury mens and womens locker rooms, golf and tennis pro shops, and a top of the line fitness center.

The Vineyards offers a formal dining room with banquet halls and live local entertainment for those who are looking for fine dining. If wine is your passion engage in the wine tasting festivities.

But the jewel of the Vineyards is its two 18-hole championship golf course. PGA Tour professional Mark McCumber designed the North Course which provides challenging play on a Scottish style golf course but also provides appeal to the higher handicapper. Flexible layout and multiple tee placements allow even the high handicapper to play to their skill level. Championship tee boxes provide the long driving player a chance to challenge their level of play.

Created by William Amick, the South Course at the Vineyards provides course play that both the serious amateur and professional golfer will enjoy. The South Course has a unequaled shot combinations that will not only test your shot making skills but also your strategic game play.

The on-site golf pros and teaching staff provide one an one instruction to help improve your golf game. Inside the pro shop you'll find a vast array of all the latest golf equipment and golfwear. You can also participate during the summer months in the reciprocal golf programs with dozens of local clubs.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Golf Clubs

By Kathryn Troy

There are lots of smaller makers that you'll have seen that don't appear on the golfing Digest list. While these brands are frequently cheaper than the brands that appear on the list, you generally get what you pay for. The makers on the golf Digest Hot List represent the upper echelon re quality. If you'd like your clubs to last for one or two years and still have some second-hand value when you go to upgrade again, try to stick with the manufacturers on the golf Digest Host List. If you want some explanation about the standard of some of the smaller manufacturers, have a look at their drivers. Frequently you are going to be able to find one or two makers that are obviously copying the styling of a Taylormade or Callaway driver. If they'd basically put the effort and time into making a top notch golfing club they would have taken the time to come up with unique styling of their own.

If you are just starting out to play golfing, you should never purchase a new club set straight away as you'll discover this game isn't for you later. Furthermore, you are yet to find the type of golfing clubs that fits you during the learning stage. The good choice is to start with cheap used golf clubs. And here are some guiding principles to help to hunt down your first used golfing club set :

First, you may need to play with the rental clubs at a driving range. During this time, don't be scared to ask your mates or other golfers to try their clubs on the range. This is a good opportunity for you to judge which kind of clubs is correct for you. After hitting for a time period at the driving range and you think it's time to purchase your own clubs, then ....

When you go out to buy used golfing clubs, you should generally depend on folk who know golfing kit well. You can have a look for your local pro at your local municipal course as a source of information and recommendation. Or you can consult the experts at the golf shop or perhaps your mate who plays well or who knows anything about clubs. Otherwise, you can search the internet for used golf club reviews. You can always ask folks for advice but keep in mind that what suits them may not mandatory prove good in your hands. it is more important to identify the club set that appropriate to your ability yourself.

Now to get the best performance possible from your clubs, you can get them custom made. Whether you're going to be using the clubs now and again or highly frequently, if they are custom made they are going to offer you the most impressive results every time.

Are you thinking "I don't play golf enough to need custom golfing clubs"? If so then stop right there! You do not need to play golfing religiously to explain having custom made clubs. As with each past-time, you want to have the absolute best equipment in order to play well. You don't need to play golf badly even if it is just a past-time. So custom made clubs may be employed if you are an amateur or a pro.

If you have a look at each and every single golfer, you will shortly realise that all of them look different. They're a different build and their bodies move in alternative ways. So why should it seem sensible that they should all use the same golf clubs? It doesn't and if a 5"4 golfing player attempted to use the same club as a 6"2 golf player then there would be major Problems. You won't get identical results and it can be uncomfortable to use a club that doesn't suit your size and shape. That is why custom made clubs do come in helpful.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Investigating the 4 Elements of Your Golfing Swing

By Joe M. Randolph

Golf could be a relaxing hobby and sport that provides the advantages of getting exercise, enjoying the outside, and alleviating stress. if you're serious about the game and have trouble with your golfing swing, the basic fundamental of the game, your stress level will annul all of the other benefits related to golfing.


Everything built well starts with a solid base. Your golfing swing is not different. when starting to investigate your golfing swing start by concentrating on your position.

With golf club in hand take your normal stance and approach the ball as if you are going to take your swing. Then lay your driver down so that the shaft is touching the toes of your left and right shoe. This will reveal the direction of your feet in relationship to the pin that you are driving the ball towards.

If the golf club is not directly pointing towards the pin or your target adjust the shaft of the club accordingly. Then reposition your feet so that the toes are touching the shaft of the club.

The next part of your position addresses your shoulders and hips. They also should be totally in-line or parallel with the club lying at your feet.

With this under consideration, pick up your golfing club and practice some swings keeping your shoulders and hips parallel to that hypothetical line there at the base of your toes. Your golfing swing must reflect this rule of being parallel to the hypothetical line aimed at your target.


The 2nd step in investigating your golfing swing is observing the swing itself. Of particular help might be the help of a golf partner to help with the investigating of your form.

The first part of your golfing swing to study is the bringing of the club back to its uppermost position. The particular start of the swing should be even in nature and fluid. In addition, while your club is on the backward portion of the swing and overhead, hesitate for a particularly slight moment.

Following that slight hesitation let your downward golfing swing flow in the same even nature towards the ball. It is vital to remember that speed and forcefulness aren't traits of a good golfing swing.

Additionally, take note of your downward golf swing beginning from this upward position. Do you keep your wrists straight or is there a hint of wrist movement? It is recommended that the movement of the wrists should take place just as the golf club is horizontal to the ground.


Thirdly, in investigating your golfing swing, when your club makes contact with the golfball it is crucial to remember that you aren't playing baseball. The power to drive the ball shouldn't be drawn from your arms and shoulders. The drive given to the ball should be drawn from your whole higher body as well as your legs. Also, do not forget to follow the trail of your club that was lying at your feet to place your position. Your golfing swing should stay parallel with the shaft of that club that was directed towards your target.

Follow Through

The last vital part in researching your golf swing is swinging thru the drive. It is vital when you have made contact with the ball that you continue for an additional 5 to 6 inches following in parallel the hypothetical trail of the golfing club laying on the ground.

Finally, complete the swing with that very same liquid motion bringing the club to the opposite side of the body and above the head. Good luck!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are You Looking For Cheap Golf Accessories Online?

By Mick Euan Tait

As golf is an expensive game, many golfers are on the lookout for cheap golf accessories. After you have invested in golf clubs and golf balls you might want to save some money by checking out some cheap golf accessories.

If you are a seasoned golfer, you probably have all the golf equipment that you need but there are always some new golf accessories that you want. For the beginner that is just starting out and has already bought their golf clubs and balls, it can be quite daunting when they realize that there are several items of golf accessories that they need to buy.

The best thing you can do is look for cheap golf accessories online. The online golf stores generally have a very large choice of golf accessories and they can offer them at lower prices because they don't have the same expenses as the off line golf stores. The first thing that you have to take into consideration is what golf accessories you need to get started.

When talking about golf accessories, it is usually all the golf equipment apart from the golf clubs, shoes, and balls. When looking at online golf stores, you may find that they have individual categories for golf apparel and golf bags, but other golf stores will group them together with the other accessories.

Assuming that you bought a full set of clubs, then you will probably have received a golf bag as part of the deal. On the other hand, if you don't have a golf bag then that will be the first golf accessory on your list. The choice of golf bags at online stores can be overwhelming but you have to decide on the type of golf bag that you want first.

Most popular for the beginner is the carry golf bag or the stand golf bag. The only real difference between the two being that the stand bag has fold-out legs that keeps the bag of off the ground when you take your shot. Next comes the cart golf bag which fits onto a push / pull cart or an electric cart and are sometimes a bit larger - this can be useful if you plan to take along extra gear like waterproofs, drinks, or warmer clothes. The last type of bag is the tour or staff golf bag which are generally only used by the professional golfers' caddies as they are so large and heavy.

Obviously, if you choose a cart bag, you will then need a golf cart. The majority of golfers won't need an electric cart as they are a lot more expensive and you have to always make sure that the battery is fully charged up before playing a round of golf. If you like walking and are fit enough, then a push cart is the best option for the price. Nowadays, these push carts are extremely lightweight, robust, maneuverable, and they fold up to a small size to fit in any car.

That only leaves you with a few items of small cheap golf accessories - a golf glove, golf tees, a divot tool, and golf ball markers. All these golf accessories can be found easily at online golf stores cheaply. If you play your golf in Northern climates, then you will probably need a golf umbrella and a golf towel as you can never guarantee the weather.

There are some items that you can do without when first starting out, like golf apparel - just use your regular clothes but make sure they are within the dress code of your local golf club and that they are comfy for playing golf. So, if you want to save some money, buy cheap golf accessories online.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Buying and Taking Care of Your Golf Shirt

By Joe M. Randolph

Looking good in fashionable golfing attire is something important to several pro golfers. Apparels like attractive golfing shoes, attractive golfing shirts are particularly popular.

A golfing shirt is important, just because you aren't wearing any other sort of shirt generally because other kinds of shirts aren't designed to resist weather elements and react against the movement of your limbs and stomach.

The many variants

There are several of kinds of golfing shirts available to suit each taste and pocket. A famous golfing shirt is the 'shady-tone colored' shirts typically manufactured by the famous golf gear makers like Callaway, Bobby Jones Players Collection, and plenty more. A lot of them come in tranquil shades of different colours, but primarily in pool blue, sky blue, leaf green, ash gray and the like.

Another type of golf shirt is the sweater or knitted type of shirts. Most of them are made from cashmere-blend knitted fabric or silk-blend fabric. These shirts are slightly more expensive than any other type of golf shirts, but look very nice and posh. Alternatively, there are also sweaters made from mercerized cotton, which are normally half the price of the former.

Or if you'd like to be conservative and common, then you would go for the classics sort of golfing shirt. This shirt is essentially like formal outing shirts, but they are usually made of different sort of fabric like golfing cotton and such like. Their designs are customarily common , for example checks and nailhead. And some famous makers of this particular golfing shirt type would be Jack Nicklaus, Polo by Ralph Lauren, and Ashworth.

Besides the above 3, there's another new sort of golfing shirt, which is the results of new fabric technology. This alludes to the trendy and cushty 'cooling' shirts. These shirts wick your sweat away and would lower down your body temperature while playing, immediately influencing on boosting continual strength in your body without wearing off simply. These shirts can be discovered in stores that sell Adidas or Haggar Cool shirts.

Taking care

These shirts are usually similar in the way we should look after them. Packing them in bundles, particularly when we're going for outing or holidays could screw up them, so fold them laid-down on a thin foil of plastic and cover them with dry cleaning bags. Like blazers and slacks, a golfing shirt should be despatched for dry cleaning or washed at home.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Buying the Best Pair of Golf Shoes

By Joe M. Randolph

Golfing is a component of many people's lives today as avid golfers play their game one or more times in a week, and some even more. Pro golfers spend ages each day, and the majority of their weekends in the golfing course. And many of them to last that long, must have the mandatory aid ; which comes in assorted forms like attire and accessories.

This would include their caps, their golf shoes, their tees, shirts and others. Of all of these, the most vital which also decides your performance is the golfing shoes. A good pair of golfing shoes is crucial to your golf experience, as it helps to guard your feet and help your golf abilities like swinging and the like.

Preserving the Performance of the Player

The golf shoes that one wears influence how good he or she can be, besides the golf club itself. This is because the shoes that he or she is wearing have to be responsive to his movements, and they will determine the amount of energy reserved for a good swing through the way he or she is standing and putting the pressure on the shoes.

Buying one these days is not that tough, for all of the famous makers of shoes have special ranges of golfing shoes for golfers also. Most golfing shoes are made by the pro and famous shoe makers like Adidas, Nike, Power, Callaway and others. And they are as light as feather, but as powerful as steel. These shoes are extraordinarily flexible in nature and hear the movements of the ankle and feet.

Golf shoes nowadays are very flexible, meaning that they respond to the wearer and this response is extremely important to the player. This is because only if your legs and feet move accordingly to the correct rhythm and tempo, the output would be precise and accurate. The base of the shoe would be very different from other type of shoes because they have to adapt with various types of ground, such as green grass, the roughs, the sand and the fairway.

Revolutionary Technology

With some ground breaking technology, shoes can now exactly worked out future movements of the wearer. Known brands like Nike have come up with excellent golf shoes that processes the movement and adjusts the pressure application accordingly, so defending both the wearer's feet and the shoe at the same time.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

4 Issues in Picking Your Golfing Package

By Joe M. Randolph

If you like the game of golfing and take pleasure in traveling, then a golfing package may be the best excursion for you this year. Imagine playing eighteen holes at an internationally famous golf course while taking in all the advantages of a resort atmosphere. Or consider playing on a course, designed by one of the golf greats, by day and enjoying the sounds and sights of an enjoyable town by night.

In picking your golfing package consider 4 elements of that package before booking that dream trip.


There are a range of golfing packages that surround the game of golfing. each of these packages can provide a different adaptation of the golf feature.

For example one golf package may offer the opportunity to practice and play rounds of golf on a course that has been especially designed by one of the best golfers. Or another golf package may offer you golfing lessons conducted by a world renowned golfing professional. Therefore, knowing what you want from your golf package will allow you to select the appropriate package that best matches what is being offered.


It is important to understand from the onset what is included in the golf package prior to purchasing. Questions regarding the number of night's stay, rounds of golf included, airfare, availability of the hotel's amenities, any included meals, etc., should be asked for in writing.

Also, in regards to cost, are there any additional fees above the cost of the golf package? These additional fees may include gratuities, taxes, or other assessments. To make your golf package excursion as pleasurable as possible it is best when there are no unpleasant surprises.


Additionally, there are packages that offer a spa environment or are just simply drawing on the uniqueness of their location. These locations could include locales anywhere in the continental United States, Hawaii or even Scotland, the birthplace of golf. If this is an important consideration in selecting your golf package consider combining your golfing with the dream vacation of a lifetime.

The Season

Another feature in planning for your golf package is to determine the peak times as well as those times considered as part of the off-season. Peak times are defined as the optimum part of the year based on weather and other factors. Peak times generally reflect the height of the tourist season. Off season times are generally characterized by uncertain weather resulting in less tourism.

A golfing package taken in the off season could be less costly and less crowded, but not pleasing if there's inclement weather. On the other hand, taking your golfing package during top times might not be to your tastes thanks to the crowds and tourism costs.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Improving Your Game By Being Your Own Swing Trainer

By Lucky Murwanthi

There exist many methods an individual can pursue to achieve personal satisfaction. One of the best methods an individual implement to find this personal satisfaction is through the use of healthy competition. Competition has been an inspiration for many individuals to seek self improvement and develop healthy relationships with both friends and colleagues. An area of competition that many individuals take part in is with the game of golf. Golf has developed into one of the primary sports that have developed ties to both the professional and personal lives of individuals. Whether it is a competitive game between friends or a deal closing opportunity in business, the game of golf has left an imprint.

The impact of golf has lead to not only an increase in golf popularity but also in an increase in desire for golf lessons. Golf lessons offer an opportunity for individuals to take their average game and improve it to levels of near professionals. A swing trainer can often provide you the best opportunity to improve your game. The drive of an individual represents the start of every golf game and performing poor in this aspect can immediately start a bad golfing venture. If you have issues with shanking the ball in random directions then a swing trainer can improve your drive so that it drives straight with every swing. If you have issues with the distance your swing sends the ball then a swing trainer can provide you with the knowledge necessary to drive your ball the desired distance and start your golf game respectably. The best thing about a golf swing trainer is that many times it does not require an individual to teach you but only an instructive manual that offers you the tips you need to improve your swing.

The short game or putting game is often another area of the golf game that many individuals need assistance with. The putting green can be a challenging area for many as they are faced with curves, distances, ball speed, rises, and drops. Practice can provide an individual with the skills to get near the hole but to find real improvement in the game an individual has to learn how to read the green. The pointing finger of golf coaching can provide some insight, though you will never learn more than you would with a written instructional golf lesson.

Written golf lessons can provide a reader with specific knowledge and visual demonstrations on how to anticipate angle and slop that golf coaching can only guess and point at. Remember that when seeking the instruction of professional golf coaching that you are learning from an individual who may be slightly better than you at golf but they are no real golf professional. If they were they would be making thousands on the tour rather than taking thousands from you.

Improving your golf game through golf lessons can help an individual compete with friends and impress clients. Although be aware that the golf lessons that golf coaching provides are just as easily attained from the professionals who write golf lesson instructional books at an incredibly lower price.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golf Tips For Beginners - Learn The Basics First

By Mick Euan Tait

When you decide you want to learn the game of golf, there are lots of golf basics you need to know about at the start. But where do you begin if you are a complete newbie? Well, there are various resources on-line the Internet to help you with your golf basics.

Golf Tips For Beginners

The beginner golfer can start off by reading some free golf tips online. Golf Tips For Beginners is a growing resource that you can visit to learn about every aspect of golf. You will find articles and links to specific golf sections for further detailed information. A couple of resources that you will find are links to free golf tips videos and a golf review blog.

Basic Golf Tips

Basic Golf Tips articles can be found that cover the stuff you need to know about to get started. At the moment, there are 8 articles covering the basics; beginning with the scoring system, and continuing with choosing the right golf equipment, the different types of golf shots, and golf rules and etiquette.

Golfing Resources

The golf tips for beginners' page highlights some carefully selected golf resources. You will find e-books specifically written for the beginner golfer, lady golfer, and the senior golfer. There are links to the best golf clubs for beginners and golf balls that are right for your game.

Golfing Equipment

To start with, you will obviously need some golf equipment. The important items are golf clubs, tees, golf bag, and balls. At the start, you don't necessarily need to buy them; you can rent them out from the local golf course. Although, if you are serious about learning golf, then buying a good golf clubs set, balls and a golf bag will improve your game.

When you decide to buy your own golf equipment you will see that there are hundreds of choices. The big name manufacturers of golf equipment spend millions of dollars each year trying to get you to buy their golf gear. Don't spend thousands on golf clubs that might hinder your game.

Rather, start off with a good set of golf clubs that are designed with the beginner in mind. Sometimes, they are called game improving clubs and they are designed to be more forgiving to miss-hits. You can have the tailor made for your swing speed and physical size by customizing the clubs with the correct shaft type, length, and flex.

Hence, for your basic golf education, check out what the golf tips for beginners website has to offer. There will be more articles added and more golf reviews at the blog to help you figure out what golf related products are a good investment.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Golf Resort for the Services

By Joe M. Randolph

In these times, we are more aware of the service of our men and women in the military. We can all agree that they deserve every kind of consideration from the basics to the most extravagant, like, say a golf resort.

Yes, if only we could give them a golfing resort completely for the employment of active-duty and retired military staff and the Coast Guard, and current members of the Reserve, National Guard and the civilian workers of the Dept of Defense. While we are dreaming, why don't you have it designed like a Walt Disney luxury resort and put it next to the Sorcery Dominion itself with occasions to visit the theme parks?

That would be the outline of the Shades of Green golfing resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was originally part of the park and named The Golf Resort, then extended to include guest rooms in 1986 and renamed The Disney Hotel . It was leased starting in 1994 by the U.S. Office of Defense then acquired early in 1996 as an element of its Morale, Welfare and Recreation program.

A Wish upon a Star

The Shades of Green Golfing Resort is in the luxury class with 586 guest rooms, a fitness center, colonnade, lighted tennis courts, 2 heated swimming pools, a pool for kids, and washing facilities. The dining facilities are also what you would expect of a luxury golfing resort. It includes an Italian restaurant called Mangino's, a sports bar named Evergreen's, a break bar with extended hours, a '50's style ice cream parlor named America, a family style smorgasboard called The Garden Studio . A break / sandwich stand poolside and the Express Caf.

For the purposes of early theme park entry and transport on Disney property, Shades of Green golfing resort is thought of as a Disney resort. This indicates that guests of Shades of Green golfing resort can use the hour before opening and up to 3 hours straight away following the posted closing time in Walt Disney World.

There are special attractions open at Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot Center, Disney-MGM Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. The ticket office on site offers discounted admission tickets for the Disney World theme parks to all eligible guests. The golf resort is also open to those who vacation with the eligible guests.

Room rates aren't fixed so you need to call to debate.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golfing Balls On The Bunker What To Do?

By Joe M. Randolph

As a golfer, you're definite to be diagnosed one sickness: Eremikophobia, the fear of sand.

Certainly, sand is any golfer's worry. Sand represents a peril that golfers would want to avoid at any cost: bunkers. When a ball crashed into the bunker, the golfer will need to compete with difficulties in hitting the ball and controlling its course and direction. Worse, the golfer has to whack the ball without hitting the sand, least he undergo a single stroke fine.

Hence, one of the simple things that any golfer must know by heart is what to execute when the ball touches the bunker.

The primary suggestion, of course is this: avoid the sand. Golf balls don't have any affair being in bunkers, in any case.

But sadly, such is rather improbable. Even the finest expert golfers of today face peril everytime. It's a component of the game. At times, your swing will be slight sour. At times, your calculation may be inaccurate. And at times, the wind may go against you. Golf balls touching the bunker at some period will be rather unavoidable.

These are some suggestions on how to approach golf balls that have been trapped on the sand:

- Select your stick correctly. Wedges are the way to go. This is the logic why they're in your bag. Choose a lob wedge if the depression of the sand is rather deep. Choose your standard sand wedge if you simply like to escape the bunker.

- Maintain your knees bent. This is a dangerous step. The sand will hug the golf ball. By maintaining your knees bent, your swing will have an upward slope that will evade the sand and hit the ball on the way to the sky. This is what you wish to do to escape the bunker. If your knees aren't bent, your swing will be plane and you may not be able to hit any golf balls back to the green.

- Don't forget your follow through. Just thinking about it will make you set up for easy, polished turn with sufficient power to place the golf ball to safety. Your follow through is essential in establishing your pulse and conjuring your stroke.

Bunkers are a portion of golfing life. You require to perform the sport with the inspirtaion that someday, someway, you will have to face the sand and conquer it to be successful in the very engaging sport of golf.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are Hybrid Golf Clubs Right For You?

By Johnny Hamm

In the late 1970's the world got its first glimpse of early hybrid golf club designs. With new technology and innovations, the hybrid club today offers more accuracy and longer ranges. Hybrid clubs have made good golfers attain a higher level of power and accuracy. The lightweight of the club has enabled seniors to keep golfing and beginners to have more success in their game.

These clubs are made with lighter weight materials that offer more control and flexibility. They may be made from a combination of steel, carbon, graphite, and fiberglass. With the head of the club different that typical ones, it contains a polymer filling which gives it a different center of gravity making it easier to swing. Its head gives the club a spring action that will give better loft and distance.

The irons differ from their older style counterparts in a couple of ways. Instead of a wedge of iron that you try to hit under the ball to loft it into play, the hybrid design is hollow and has a slight bulge on the backside of the club. The club is slightly weighted for balance and control and filled with a super polymer to help with the spring reaction. The club is designed instead, to hit the ball on top of the grass, not under, the trampoline effect gives higher loft and more backspin. The word divot may be soon a long memory in the golf world.

This is a wonderful utility club. Where you may use a higher numbered wood, you can now use the hybrid golf club. For those difficult rough shots, the hybrid can give you the lift you need. You may not have to have as many clubs in your bag by using this type of golf club. The hybrid is great for the newcomer to golf or for those needing a club for better distance. Seniors find this club very easy to use. You can now have the power and distance to reach the green. Instead of using that driver in the fairway, you can use the hybrid club.

For a beginner or for those with slower swings, the hybrid allows you to get the distance you need. Often the wood would do the job for you or an iron in some situations, the hybrid gives you the club that can do both jobs. With larger face areas, you can have the power and distance for your game.

You can always talk to your local golf pro or check them out at the pro shop or sporting goods store. You should always be measured for the right sized club. If you are a beginner looking for an easy club to use, a hybrid club will fit your needs.

At any sporting goods store or online you can find professional grade hybrid golf clubs. You can purchase a single club or sets and they can also help you choose the right size for you. Most department stores also carry a wide range of golf clubs and accessories. Golf courses usually have a professional golfer on staff that can help with any questions or to give you lessons as you try out the new hybrid club in your bag.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

How To Have Golf Sponsorship For Golf Charity Event

By Rick Natnel

If you are fond of playing or watching golf and also interested in charity works then you could be of more help. So by being any one of the following like a volunteer, or a player or a spectator or a sponsor you could do great help.

Nowadays there has been an increase in the number of golf charity tournaments throughout the world where you can prove your social concern as well as the excitement you can get from the game. The easy way to take a part in the event is to see for the upcoming golf games in your region and you can get this information from the local golf clubs or golf courses and putting ranges or even you can browse golf-oriented newsletters, newspapers and sports magazines. Then you can include your name as a volunteer or a player or a sponsor or a spectator.

As a spectator, you can have fun and satisfaction of watching the game and also encouraging the participants cheerfully thus dedicating yourself to the outcome of the game which in turn will go to the charity in order to help the needy. The money that is earned out of this charity show will be distributed to the organizations to help them. Though being a spectator is simply doing nothing except having fun in watching the game but also your effort to take part in the event and your kindness to help the charity is the highlight. Thus being a spectator in the game is to cheer the player to perform well.

As a player in the golf charity tournament will not only give you more fun and excitement in playing the game but also will give you satisfaction that you are a part of a noble cause. And you could meet a lot of like minded people in the game who might also be famous which will be an honor to be playing with them and you might get a lot of experience.

You can even try to work with the charity as a volunteer and take part in the golf charity tournament conducted by them. Actually as a volunteer, there is a lot of work to systematize and synchronize things on that day. So you can help the organizers by working with them to get it done. Thus you can be a part in conducting a well organized golf charity tournament and also enjoy the game and the scenery and above all contribute your part for the charity.

Also if you have a business of your own or a company which is closely related to the golf tournament then you can enroll as a sponsor. Being a sponsor is a great responsibility which needs to conduct the program in order to collect funds for the charity. On the other hand this event will get you a free publicity of your product which in turn will increase your business and profit as you have a considerable amount of sales due to its publicity. Thus you get some money through the publicity you get by having contact with the organizers and they should be thanked for making you a part of it. And the final rule in this is that there is no win or lose in playing the tournament and people were waiting eagerly for the new sponsors to handle it clearly without any mess.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

What To Know About Galvin Green Waterproof Golf Clothes

By Harry Michaels

Galvin Green waterproof golf clothing today presents itself well because it is now one of the top waterproof (and regular) golf clothing lines on the golf markets. This company is well-known in golfing, especially in Europe, and is respected for the quality of the clothing that it produces by almost every golfer, including top pros. It also is known to make many different lines of clothing.

Once one begins to take a close look at the waterproof clothing offered by Galvin, one immediately becomes aware of how effective its waterproof clothing really is. This is mainly due to the fact that the company makes good use of a number of effective waterproofing fabrics such as Gore-Tex in order to provide the maximum protection to any golfer wearing its clothing on a wet or rainy day.

Galvin's waterproof golf clothing lines are also designed to be chic and fashionable, which isn't something that one often hears used in the same breath with the words "golf clothing, " especially when talking about waterproof golf clothing. Galvin looks very closely at each piece and considers how it can be layered in with another piece to provide excellent protection using a number of materials.

This includes the ubiquitous Gore-Tex along with other top-shelf technologies such as Coolmax and Paclite, which are both widely appreciated for their ability to help control moisture going into the clothing and coming out of it. The most well-known and highly appreciated of the line of clothing from this company lately has been the Galvin Green Akron Waterproof jacket.

None of these jackets or other items of clothing are inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination, though it is a sure bet that the golfer who dons something like the Akron will never go without it when it is windy and cold and wet. Made of Gore-Tex fabric that is laminated and completely insulated, the Akron is continually in short supply because it is a very sought-after item of golf clothing.

Galvin Green waterproof golf clothing today is some of the best on the market and also brings a level of style and fashion to a type of clothing that normally isn't assumed to be amenable to style and the like. The company manufactures all of its clothing lines to be able to accommodate just about every golfer, too. And though Galvin Green clothing isn't cheap, it surely is of extreme quality.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 Free Golf Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing Fast

By Harry Constantine

Golf is perhaps the latest elite sport and fitness activity to take the fitness circles and sporting enthusiasts by storm. Almost every other person, wants to become a golfing enthusiast or at least an amateur player and it is a good way to meet up with friends and colleagues in the weekends and enjoy yourself, while keeping yourself fit.

But even if you aspire to become an amateur weekend club golfer who loves golfing for the pleasure it affords and harbors no ambition of emulating the feats of Tiger Woods, you have to learn a few tips to improve your golf swing. Otherwise you will become the butt of everyone's ridicule and be deemed as a social climber or a wannabe socialite. Let us therefore learn a few tips to improve your golf swing and shut the mouths of your detractors up.

So, what is the right way to do a smooth golf swing transition?

I have often noticed that weekend amateur golfers have this strange tendency of beginning their downswing with a violent and tense motion that completely eliminates any chance of a solid contact. You must remember that the most critical transition point is the top of the swing that should gently flow down to make a smooth downswing. Let me tell you a good method to improve your downswing. When raising your golf swing to the top think light and lazy. This will help.

Another thing that I have observed is that an amateur golfer tends to use his wrists to swing the club backwards in too quick a motion. As a result, the swing goes off plane and proper extension is reduced. Let me prepare you for a proper takeaway.

First of all you have to stand in your address position which is normal for you and then behind your club head, you have to drop or place a ball. While initiating the backswing, the ball has to be rolled backward. In this way you have to roll the ball till it shoots past the right foot if you are a right hander.

And if you are able to do this properly, the shoulder on the opposite side will move beneath your chin and you will be able to feel that. And then when you aim the backswing, you will yourself understand or gauge how straight you should keep your left arm.

Other pointers that you need to keep in mind are passing the pole to acquire the maximum consistency and distance, remembering the practice area, getting an improved swing stance, keeping a bucket of balls handy that will also save you a lot of time.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Golf Clubs Across the Country Are Going Out of Business

By Roy Williams

Golf clubs across the country are closing down and going out of business across the United States of America at an scary rate. Florida, the state with more golf clubs than any other state, is seeing this more and more. A lot of these failing golf communities are blaming the economy, and some are even blaming the current state of the golf world in general; but I see things differently, they should be pointing the finger at themselves.

The golf industry is behind the times in almost every core aspect of running a business in this day and age. Most golf clubs still have a website that looks like something that my 12 year old son could create. These golf clubs need to embrace technology and develop a website that both promotes AND generates business. There are a handful of golf marketing businesses that specifically create websites to help generate more business for golf clubs, why aren't more clubs taking advantage of them?

Another way the golf industry is behind the times is marketing in general. Look at how much effort golf clubs are putting into promoting themselves. Are they even trying to promote themselves? The average golf clubs does the following things which they call "marketing".

They place a black and white ad in the county newspaper showing how they just discounted the price. This only gets them into discount wars with their competition which only causes them to lose even MORE money. They should instead find something that they do better than the rest of their competition, create a unique sales proposition promoting that something, start promoting their course for that something, and possibly even RAISE prices because they do something the other courses do not.

They place a boring ad in the yellow pages and local phone book. Honestly, with the invention of search engines such as Google and the amount of people who use the internet these days, how many people do you think still use the phone book to find information when they could just power up their computer, type in a search term, and have the answer to their question quickly? The answer is that phone book usage is dropping by ten percent almost every year because of new technology! These clubs that are spending thousands of dollars a year on this single ad could be directing that extra money towards something more beneficial such as a website or direct mail campaign like I mentioned above.

They place an ad in the local penny saver. Once again, something that is proven to be ineffective in this day and time. Instead they should be looking into fusion marketing techniques and working with other local businesses to promote their golf course. They could easily go to the local BMW dealer and give away a free round of golf with every car purchase. Not only will the dealership easily accept this offer, but it will get new people, with MONEY, at the course and they will easily make up the lost green fee revenue by the new players paying for a cart fee or eating after the round at the club house. They will even convert some of these players into returning players, which will boost residual income. Think about that for a second, if they charge forty dollars a round, and the new players plays 10 times a year, they just made an extra $400 off green fees alone. If you get 20 new players a year from the car dealership that's an extra $8,000 a year from a simple green fee promotion with a car dealership!

Another way golf resorts are slowly killing themselves is with real estate. A lot of golf communities that were doing well in the early 2000s are now drowning in a sea of debt because of unsold lots, unsold homes, and not enough members. What can they do to help correct this problem? Lets look at what Juliette Falls, which is a Gated Florida Golf Community, in Dunnellon did. They first got a good website from a company named Legendary Marketing. They built their website into something that looks great and promotes exactly what they do. Well guess what, the economy dropped off and now they have over forty homes that are in the price range of $500,000 to more than a million and no one was buying them. How do they turn this around? They came up with a marvelous promotion that's how! At Juliette Falls you can stay in a golf home worth over a million dollars, play a round of golf, enjoy the onsite spa and eat at a fancy restaurant for $199 a night. If they sell only one night for every day of the year, that is over $70,000 in additional revenue for the resort AND they get new prospects and leads at the course every single day which they can use to promote to in the future! Why aren't all the golf communities thinking this way?

As you can see, the golf industry is slowing killing itself by being behind the times in technology, marketing, real estate and a host of other things that will be addressed in a future article. If you are a member of a golf club, or even better part of the members committee, stand up and say something about the actions your club is taking. Tell your club they need to break the mold of what they have been doing because it is not working. Make them think outside the box! Make your golf course management company become accountable for the actions the club takes! It may be the only thing that they can do to save your golf course!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

How Golf Resorts Can Use Unique Ideas to Generate More Revenue

By Roy Williams

Florida is the home of golf resorts. When you want to go golfing in Florida on vacation, chances are that you are going to end up staying at one of the popular golf resorts in the area such as TPC Sawgrass, Champions Gate, Sandestin or PGA National Resort and Spa. All 4 of these places are amazing, and honestly, I really cant say anything bad about TPC Sawgrass. Who really can anyway?

The problem with these 4 resorts is that they are catering to the same individual all of the time, high class people making $150,000 plus a year. They don't allow the real people such as you and I the time of day to come and play at their course, or stay at their resort. Can I blame them no I really can not? People are not concerned about the economy and this so called recession, so they are paying the money to stay and play there and they are taking advantage of it just like any good business would do.

Now things have changed in the golf resort world, especially in Florida. When the economy started to slow down, the amount of golf being played, and the amount of people staying at Florida golf resorts also started to slow down as well. The 4 popular golf resorts I mentioned above probably haven't changed their ways yet, but I can guarantee you that since they haven't changed their ways and are probably losing large amounts of money because they haven't adjusted to this new economy.

In reality, what did this economy do to the golf world? How has it changed it? Will it ever get better? To tell you the truth, I do not have a truthful answer I can give you because a lot of golf courses and resorts are not being honest with themselves or other professionals in our industry. The economy HAS slowed down play in all areas across the country. The economy has made golfers start to play at cheaper courses, or look for special offers that are occurring at particular resorts. No longer can resorts rely on regular customers because a lot of those regulars have ditched their home course in search of the best deal.

What can they do about this? It is very simple; in fact it is really a no brainer. They need to come up with an amazing promotion that drives traffic to their resort. Need an example? I thought you might want one.

Juliette Falls is a new Florida golf resort in Dunnellon. It is only about an hour away from both Tampa and Orlando and is roughly 15 minutes way from Ocala. Its a very secluded place. Juliette Falls has a beautiful course and the Florida golf homes are jaw dropping. So what does a golf community do when the economy slows and homes stop selling? They come up with a plan to supplement their lost income. Juliette Falls decided to start selling packages that allow you to stay in a million dollar golf home and play a round of golf and enjoy all of the resorts facilities for $199 a night. Who could refuse this offer, I know I couldn't. What this does is create a new stream of money using assets that they already have. If they sell only 2 stays for every night of that year, that's $145,000 a year in pure profits! It also could supply a steady stream of potential home buyers! Why aren't other resorts thinking this way?

Golf Resorts need to start thinking outside of the box. In this horrible economy it may be one of the only ways to keep a positive flow of income if you not a renowned golf resort!

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Pipers Landing Yacht & Country Club Offers Real Estate Shoppers More Amenities

By Hubert Miles

Piper's Landing Yacht & Country Club is located along the historic St. Lucie Waterway in Palm City, Florida. This gated community offers a equity share structure along with many benefits and luxury amenities not found in other communities. Here is a brief overview of a few of these amenities.

The community offers a gated entrance and onsite security service operating 365 days a year. The security officers continually patrol the communities 600 acres around the clock. The security service also performs vacant house checks and opening resident's homes to approved service personnel. The staff is trained to respond to medical emergencies and has First Aid training, certified in CPR and the use of defibrillators.

The gem of the community is it's newly renovated world class golf course by award winning architect, Gene Bates. This 2005 winner of the Course Architect of the Year award, headed the 2007 renovation project which has created a more challenging and breathtaking course and playing experience. Florida State grad, Mike Eye is the local assistant golf professional and holds a PGA Class A Certification.

For those who have a passion for tennis, the community offer five tennis courts with a Har-Tru surface. One of the courts is also lighted for nighttime play. Cullen DeWindt, is the Head Tennis Professional at the community. DeWindt is a best known for his accomplishments as the USPTA Clay Court Doubles National Championship in 2007 and is a USPTA certified teaching pro.

There is a full slate of regularly scheduled events and social engagements at Pipers Landing. There is formal and informal dining options available in the community clubhouse. In addition the clubhouse has a fully stocked pro shop and both men's and women's locker rooms.

Boaters will find that the Sheltered Harbor and Marina provides easy access to both the St. Lucie Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. This deep water marina can accommodate yachts that are up to 100 feet long. Whether you are looking to go deep sea fishing or just cruise the waterway, you'll enjoy all the marina has to offer.

Closing Comments

It's easy to see why Piper's Landing Yacht & Country Club has become the choice of many primary and secondary homeowners. See for yourself what Piper's Landing has to offer you.

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Plan The Perfect Golf Vacation With These Tips

By Mick Euan Tait

Many avid golfers that can't get enough of golf and who are considering uniting their passion of golf with a vacation, can learn how to plan the perfect golf vacation from this article. All that will be left to decide is if you want it to be a family golf trip or a golf buddies trip.

Before you rush off to the first tee in the sunshine of some other state or even another country, the golf vacationer must take the time to plan the perfect golf vacation by considering what should be included in the ideal golf trip.

As with any vacation, a golf trip plan should include some key elements; estimated cost, how to pay, length of stay, extras and so on. The golfer should consider what family members and friends will do if they are not golfers. A good question to ask: Should we golf at the seashore, in the mountains, or on the links of Scotland?

Some fundamental planning at the beginning should remove any little problems for a better chance of a perfect golf vacation. When you start to plan the perfect golf vacation it is a good idea to write out some points about an ideal golf trip by dividing the points into separate areas to focus on. Below are a few categories to help you get started:

* Decide on a time of year for the trip (a few weeks / months in the future; a year in the future)

* Decide how many days or rounds of golf the trip will include (don't overdo it!)

* Set a range of prices for the entire trip ($2000 to $3000, $4000 to $5000, for example)

* Decide on the number of people who will be in the group

* Decide who will go on the trip - just golfers, non-golfers etc.

* Gather some golf trip information from magazines, the library, Web sites etc.

* Talk with friends who have been on a golf vacation and ask if they made their own plans, used a travel agent, purchased a golf package vacation etc.

One way to plan a golf trip is by making all the arrangements yourself; travel, accommodation, and golf activities. Below are some tips if you decide to make your own arrangements.

If you decide to drive to the destination of your golf vacation, you will be able to carry all your golf equipment in the car with you, which will solve your transportation needs. If this is the way that you decide to get to your golf site, take a minute to check that your golf club set is complete. It may sound obvious, but it would not be much fun when you arrive at a beautiful golf location, to find out that your putter is missing because one of your kids took it out of your bag to play with.

One way to begin making your own arrangements, without the assistance of a travel agent, is to contact an organization in the area you are interested in. For example, golfers can get in touch with the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina group that specializes in golf vacations for that area. You can do the same with the many golf courses in Arizona. The Phoenix area has similar assistance available, as do many resort destinations.

After you have selected your favorite golf courses, you would then contact the accommodation you chose and speak to the Golf Director. You can book your lodgings and your preferred tee times right there. This is a good combination of being able to make your own decisions but taking advantage of the local knowledge of a golf vacations specialist.

You may find yourself with a few challenges and extra work if you do the planning on your own, but you will take pleasure in the extra freedom and sense of success. You can set your sights high and then retreat to a more realistic level if your budget isn't enough for a golf trip to Scotland, Portugal, or Hawaii.

Make sure you have lodging in place, and then plan to play courses within a reasonable distance. Minimum travel to and from golf courses is very important. In addition, you should make these arrangements as early as possible to give you and your friends the best opportunities available. If you wait too long, then decide to go to your original choice of destination anyway, you may end up with less than favorable rooms and less than favorable tee times. Some recommendations for getting the lodging set first:

* Instead of a hotel you could consider a rental house with enough room for everyone

* Make sure there are enough rooms and beds for each person

* Take into consideration the driving time to the golf courses if you go with a rental home over a hotel on or near a golf course

* Early morning tee times may allow an additional 18 holes in the afternoon. Being close to the house makes the course more attractive as it saves time

* Plan for accommodation even earlier if you plan to play golf and watch a major tournament that is taking place in the area. Combining your trip with a PGA tournament adds some extra flare to a golf vacation.

Another item you might want to settle when you plan the perfect golf vacation: Do you get one round per day, two rounds per day, or can you play as much as you want? Be sure to have this settled before you leave. Tip: Make sure you understand what is included in your golf package. A few minutes for the details will eliminate many small problems once you get to your golf destination.

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