Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golfing Balls On The Bunker What To Do?

By Joe M. Randolph

As a golfer, you're definite to be diagnosed one sickness: Eremikophobia, the fear of sand.

Certainly, sand is any golfer's worry. Sand represents a peril that golfers would want to avoid at any cost: bunkers. When a ball crashed into the bunker, the golfer will need to compete with difficulties in hitting the ball and controlling its course and direction. Worse, the golfer has to whack the ball without hitting the sand, least he undergo a single stroke fine.

Hence, one of the simple things that any golfer must know by heart is what to execute when the ball touches the bunker.

The primary suggestion, of course is this: avoid the sand. Golf balls don't have any affair being in bunkers, in any case.

But sadly, such is rather improbable. Even the finest expert golfers of today face peril everytime. It's a component of the game. At times, your swing will be slight sour. At times, your calculation may be inaccurate. And at times, the wind may go against you. Golf balls touching the bunker at some period will be rather unavoidable.

These are some suggestions on how to approach golf balls that have been trapped on the sand:

- Select your stick correctly. Wedges are the way to go. This is the logic why they're in your bag. Choose a lob wedge if the depression of the sand is rather deep. Choose your standard sand wedge if you simply like to escape the bunker.

- Maintain your knees bent. This is a dangerous step. The sand will hug the golf ball. By maintaining your knees bent, your swing will have an upward slope that will evade the sand and hit the ball on the way to the sky. This is what you wish to do to escape the bunker. If your knees aren't bent, your swing will be plane and you may not be able to hit any golf balls back to the green.

- Don't forget your follow through. Just thinking about it will make you set up for easy, polished turn with sufficient power to place the golf ball to safety. Your follow through is essential in establishing your pulse and conjuring your stroke.

Bunkers are a portion of golfing life. You require to perform the sport with the inspirtaion that someday, someway, you will have to face the sand and conquer it to be successful in the very engaging sport of golf.

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