Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Types Of Callaway 3 Wood On The Market

By Bob Thompson

In this article I will briefly discuss the types of the Callaway 3 Wood range. At present Callaway currently make four different types of 3-wood, these are the Big Bertha Diablo, the X-Hot, the FT and the FT-i squareway. Depending on the type of golfer that you are will depend which club is right for you, as they all provide different effects in relation to swing styles.

The Big Bertha Diablo is as mentioned one of the most well known clubs the club head has been shaped to provide a longer shot length whilst still having excellent shot accuracy.

If twisting action is problematic within your swing then then FT-i Squareway may be a better choice of club for you asFT-i Squareway has a squareway inertial design placing the weight of the club head in the most extreme corners of the club. The result of this is that the club is loss prone to twisting throughout the swing action.

The X-Hot is designed to increase accuracy in hitting the ball the sole is split into two sections hich creates a smoother movement within the stroke. This design is exclusive to the Callaway X-Hot series.

The FT model of the Calaway 3 wood combines a variety of material blended together which give the engineers at Callaway the ability to fine tune the club to provide optimum weighting in key parts of the club head. This means that the flight trajectory of the shot is at it's best and allows for increased shot shaping.

The angle of the club face on a three wood is usually between 13 and 15 degrees, this is known as the loft of the wood. From a three wood you should be aiming to get the ball to travel around the 250 yard mark. When a driver is not an appropriate club for the tee off a 3 wood can be used. It is also handy for shots where the ball is just off the fairway or when the ball has a good lie in the rough.

As the amount of investment within Golf has increased so has the research that goes into the production of the clubs themselves. As such the market has been inundated with a variety of clubs to suit different kinds of swings, the best way to determine which is right for you is to go to a driving range with them and try them out. Most driving ranges allow for different clubs to be sampled so you won't have to buy them first.

The club heads of 3 woods are usually made from an alloy of titanium or steel. The advantage of steel is it's cheaper cost however a titanium club head will provide more power due to it's lighter weight.

The same metal compounds are used for fairway wood club heads as well. These woods increase in loft the higher the number of wood. This means that a 5 wood has more loft than a four wood and a four wood has more than a three wood. The more loft a wood has the higher the ball will travel in the air which means it will travel a shorter distance down the fairway.

The 1-wood is longest club a golfer can use, there are 2-woods manufactured but it is rare to find a golfer who uses one therefore the 3-wood is usually the second biggest club in a golf bag. The advantage of using woods instead of drivers is that they have smaller heads and are easy for beginners to start out with when striking a ball off the tee.

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