Friday, January 29, 2010

Golf Range Finders

By Dale Smith

With all of the advancements in golf, the newest craze are golf range finders. This neat piece of technology is changing the way that golfers approach the game. There are many types and they all offer some outstanding information, to assist you in improving your game.

There are very different thoughts about this new tool. It is now possible to know exactly how far you need to hit your shot to just drop it into the hole! Outstanding! You can also see how far you need to hit a shot to clear or come up short of a hazard, or other potential danger. Terrific! Most importantly, it can take a less than average golfer and make them a Pro. Well, not really and this is the thought where there are very conflicting discussions.

Yes, a range finder can help any player. However, they are not legal to use in any sanctioned event. Although many players may never even think about playing in an actual event, becoming used to having all of the outstanding information that you can get from your range finder is just not a great idea, when all of a sudden, you cannot depend on it anymore.

When you consider that range finders are not allowed in Tournament play, does it make sense to get overly dependent on something that you cannot use in crunch time? The actual answer is yes, but perhaps for different reasons than you might think. This is perhaps your best training tool. The proper place to use it, is at your local practice facility. By learning how far your shots travel and what happens to them when they land, will go a long way in helping you improve. Knowing how far you hit and learn to hit each club, under different circumstances, will have your handicap dropping.

Over 90% of the golfers in the world shot around 100 or are 18 handicap players. What this means, in many cases, is that their game needs improvement, not knowledge about the course they are playing. By using this great piece of technology to track how your ball flies, what it does when it lands and how to get consistent with repetitious practice, this is a spectacular tool.

Considering that most players do not compete in too many events, because they think their game is not good enough, you are missing out on some great competition. So, by using your range finder to improve your game will have a much greater impact than knowing where the trouble is, when you are not even sure that you can make the correct shot.

To assist you in finding distances, most golf courses have yardage markers on the sprinkler heads all over the course. All golf courses will have markers at the 100, 150 and 200 yard distances to give you some idea of where you are. If this tool could help you make a shot, that would be a great advantage, but it does not. You will find some very useful information, but if you use it effectively during your practice, you will likely get a lot more out of its use.

Many golf course have distances marked on the sprinkler heads all over the course. All golf courses will have markers on the sides of the fairways for 200, 150 and 100 yards. On the course, for most players, this is plenty of information. If you are just starting to play, do not be lured by the technology of the idea of knowing how far everything is. You should be more interested in learning how to play the game.

So, all players should own a golf range finder. The challenge is where is the best place to get the maximum benefit. If you actually make it to the practice facility, then use it to make your play better. Then on the course, you can learn to trust your abilities and play as the Pros do, whether you are a scratch player or one that is just playing for the recreational benefits.

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