Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 Free Golf Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing Fast

By Harry Constantine

Golf is perhaps the latest elite sport and fitness activity to take the fitness circles and sporting enthusiasts by storm. Almost every other person, wants to become a golfing enthusiast or at least an amateur player and it is a good way to meet up with friends and colleagues in the weekends and enjoy yourself, while keeping yourself fit.

But even if you aspire to become an amateur weekend club golfer who loves golfing for the pleasure it affords and harbors no ambition of emulating the feats of Tiger Woods, you have to learn a few tips to improve your golf swing. Otherwise you will become the butt of everyone's ridicule and be deemed as a social climber or a wannabe socialite. Let us therefore learn a few tips to improve your golf swing and shut the mouths of your detractors up.

So, what is the right way to do a smooth golf swing transition?

I have often noticed that weekend amateur golfers have this strange tendency of beginning their downswing with a violent and tense motion that completely eliminates any chance of a solid contact. You must remember that the most critical transition point is the top of the swing that should gently flow down to make a smooth downswing. Let me tell you a good method to improve your downswing. When raising your golf swing to the top think light and lazy. This will help.

Another thing that I have observed is that an amateur golfer tends to use his wrists to swing the club backwards in too quick a motion. As a result, the swing goes off plane and proper extension is reduced. Let me prepare you for a proper takeaway.

First of all you have to stand in your address position which is normal for you and then behind your club head, you have to drop or place a ball. While initiating the backswing, the ball has to be rolled backward. In this way you have to roll the ball till it shoots past the right foot if you are a right hander.

And if you are able to do this properly, the shoulder on the opposite side will move beneath your chin and you will be able to feel that. And then when you aim the backswing, you will yourself understand or gauge how straight you should keep your left arm.

Other pointers that you need to keep in mind are passing the pole to acquire the maximum consistency and distance, remembering the practice area, getting an improved swing stance, keeping a bucket of balls handy that will also save you a lot of time.

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