Thursday, January 28, 2010

Promotional Golf Umbrellas

By Johnny Hamm

Every golfer needs that golf umbrella for those rainy days on the course. The large doomed umbrellas will protect those expensive golf clubs and the golfer as well. These umbrellas are made with the golfer in mind and will keep you dry as you head back to the clubhouse while it is raining. They make wonderful gifts for the golfer in your life.

Golf umbrellas are oversized to fit you and your bag. They measure around sixty inches in diameter. There are smaller compact golf umbrellas, which are between thirty, and forty-eight inches in diameter. The umbrella will help to keep the golfer and clubs protected through its large doom design. There are golf umbrellas that have vents which help when it is windy. A double canopy style has a small vented canopy above the larger doom to withstand wind gusts as well as allow air to circulate.

The doom of the umbrella can have a complete arc or a slight arc. With a larger arc, it will keep the rain from coming in on you and your bag. The golf umbrella does not have a curved handle; instead, the grip is straight. This gives you more control with the umbrella and a better grip. Most golf umbrellas use a rubber grip. The straight handle will let you place it in your golf bag to protect the clubs and for storage.

The construction of the golf umbrellas use fiberglass for the shaft and ribbing. This makes the umbrella that much safer during lightning as you make your way to safe shelter. You can also find the shafts made from solid wood as well.

The great thing about golf umbrellas is that they can be silkscreen with a company logo. This is a wonderful advertising tool. You can find sport logos, bank logos and the professional golf promoters and sponsors. The logo golf umbrellas can sport your favorite golfing supplier as well as other companies.

These umbrellas make for great corporate or company gifts. Often they come gift boxed with embossed labels. It is not only useful for the golfer, but companies can market their goods and services. Some nonprofit groups that hold golf outings for fundraisers will have their logo imprinted on the umbrellas. These are nice gifts to give to the participants that are involved.

There are all kinds of colors and graphic designs available for golf umbrellas. You can find them with some of your favorite characters as well as geometric designs. Every golfer should be able to find the right style to match their golf bag. You can get some umbrellas that come with clips to attach to the bag, as well as those that fit right into the golf bag. You can use the umbrellas for any outdoor occasion. They are a great accessory for the beach or picnics. Do not forget the golf umbrella hat, a unique way to golf and get that cover from the rain or sun.

The golf umbrella makes for a great gift for the golfer or anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. With their oversized dooms, they will keep you and your golf clubs safe from the rain. You can find these at any sporting goods store or on the internet for many styles, colors, and designs.

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