Thursday, January 21, 2010

4 Issues in Picking Your Golfing Package

By Joe M. Randolph

If you like the game of golfing and take pleasure in traveling, then a golfing package may be the best excursion for you this year. Imagine playing eighteen holes at an internationally famous golf course while taking in all the advantages of a resort atmosphere. Or consider playing on a course, designed by one of the golf greats, by day and enjoying the sounds and sights of an enjoyable town by night.

In picking your golfing package consider 4 elements of that package before booking that dream trip.


There are a range of golfing packages that surround the game of golfing. each of these packages can provide a different adaptation of the golf feature.

For example one golf package may offer the opportunity to practice and play rounds of golf on a course that has been especially designed by one of the best golfers. Or another golf package may offer you golfing lessons conducted by a world renowned golfing professional. Therefore, knowing what you want from your golf package will allow you to select the appropriate package that best matches what is being offered.


It is important to understand from the onset what is included in the golf package prior to purchasing. Questions regarding the number of night's stay, rounds of golf included, airfare, availability of the hotel's amenities, any included meals, etc., should be asked for in writing.

Also, in regards to cost, are there any additional fees above the cost of the golf package? These additional fees may include gratuities, taxes, or other assessments. To make your golf package excursion as pleasurable as possible it is best when there are no unpleasant surprises.


Additionally, there are packages that offer a spa environment or are just simply drawing on the uniqueness of their location. These locations could include locales anywhere in the continental United States, Hawaii or even Scotland, the birthplace of golf. If this is an important consideration in selecting your golf package consider combining your golfing with the dream vacation of a lifetime.

The Season

Another feature in planning for your golf package is to determine the peak times as well as those times considered as part of the off-season. Peak times are defined as the optimum part of the year based on weather and other factors. Peak times generally reflect the height of the tourist season. Off season times are generally characterized by uncertain weather resulting in less tourism.

A golfing package taken in the off season could be less costly and less crowded, but not pleasing if there's inclement weather. On the other hand, taking your golfing package during top times might not be to your tastes thanks to the crowds and tourism costs.

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