Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are Hybrid Golf Clubs Right For You?

By Johnny Hamm

In the late 1970's the world got its first glimpse of early hybrid golf club designs. With new technology and innovations, the hybrid club today offers more accuracy and longer ranges. Hybrid clubs have made good golfers attain a higher level of power and accuracy. The lightweight of the club has enabled seniors to keep golfing and beginners to have more success in their game.

These clubs are made with lighter weight materials that offer more control and flexibility. They may be made from a combination of steel, carbon, graphite, and fiberglass. With the head of the club different that typical ones, it contains a polymer filling which gives it a different center of gravity making it easier to swing. Its head gives the club a spring action that will give better loft and distance.

The irons differ from their older style counterparts in a couple of ways. Instead of a wedge of iron that you try to hit under the ball to loft it into play, the hybrid design is hollow and has a slight bulge on the backside of the club. The club is slightly weighted for balance and control and filled with a super polymer to help with the spring reaction. The club is designed instead, to hit the ball on top of the grass, not under, the trampoline effect gives higher loft and more backspin. The word divot may be soon a long memory in the golf world.

This is a wonderful utility club. Where you may use a higher numbered wood, you can now use the hybrid golf club. For those difficult rough shots, the hybrid can give you the lift you need. You may not have to have as many clubs in your bag by using this type of golf club. The hybrid is great for the newcomer to golf or for those needing a club for better distance. Seniors find this club very easy to use. You can now have the power and distance to reach the green. Instead of using that driver in the fairway, you can use the hybrid club.

For a beginner or for those with slower swings, the hybrid allows you to get the distance you need. Often the wood would do the job for you or an iron in some situations, the hybrid gives you the club that can do both jobs. With larger face areas, you can have the power and distance for your game.

You can always talk to your local golf pro or check them out at the pro shop or sporting goods store. You should always be measured for the right sized club. If you are a beginner looking for an easy club to use, a hybrid club will fit your needs.

At any sporting goods store or online you can find professional grade hybrid golf clubs. You can purchase a single club or sets and they can also help you choose the right size for you. Most department stores also carry a wide range of golf clubs and accessories. Golf courses usually have a professional golfer on staff that can help with any questions or to give you lessons as you try out the new hybrid club in your bag.

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