Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golf Tips For Beginners - Learn The Basics First

By Mick Euan Tait

When you decide you want to learn the game of golf, there are lots of golf basics you need to know about at the start. But where do you begin if you are a complete newbie? Well, there are various resources on-line the Internet to help you with your golf basics.

Golf Tips For Beginners

The beginner golfer can start off by reading some free golf tips online. Golf Tips For Beginners is a growing resource that you can visit to learn about every aspect of golf. You will find articles and links to specific golf sections for further detailed information. A couple of resources that you will find are links to free golf tips videos and a golf review blog.

Basic Golf Tips

Basic Golf Tips articles can be found that cover the stuff you need to know about to get started. At the moment, there are 8 articles covering the basics; beginning with the scoring system, and continuing with choosing the right golf equipment, the different types of golf shots, and golf rules and etiquette.

Golfing Resources

The golf tips for beginners' page highlights some carefully selected golf resources. You will find e-books specifically written for the beginner golfer, lady golfer, and the senior golfer. There are links to the best golf clubs for beginners and golf balls that are right for your game.

Golfing Equipment

To start with, you will obviously need some golf equipment. The important items are golf clubs, tees, golf bag, and balls. At the start, you don't necessarily need to buy them; you can rent them out from the local golf course. Although, if you are serious about learning golf, then buying a good golf clubs set, balls and a golf bag will improve your game.

When you decide to buy your own golf equipment you will see that there are hundreds of choices. The big name manufacturers of golf equipment spend millions of dollars each year trying to get you to buy their golf gear. Don't spend thousands on golf clubs that might hinder your game.

Rather, start off with a good set of golf clubs that are designed with the beginner in mind. Sometimes, they are called game improving clubs and they are designed to be more forgiving to miss-hits. You can have the tailor made for your swing speed and physical size by customizing the clubs with the correct shaft type, length, and flex.

Hence, for your basic golf education, check out what the golf tips for beginners website has to offer. There will be more articles added and more golf reviews at the blog to help you figure out what golf related products are a good investment.

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