Saturday, January 23, 2010

Buying and Taking Care of Your Golf Shirt

By Joe M. Randolph

Looking good in fashionable golfing attire is something important to several pro golfers. Apparels like attractive golfing shoes, attractive golfing shirts are particularly popular.

A golfing shirt is important, just because you aren't wearing any other sort of shirt generally because other kinds of shirts aren't designed to resist weather elements and react against the movement of your limbs and stomach.

The many variants

There are several of kinds of golfing shirts available to suit each taste and pocket. A famous golfing shirt is the 'shady-tone colored' shirts typically manufactured by the famous golf gear makers like Callaway, Bobby Jones Players Collection, and plenty more. A lot of them come in tranquil shades of different colours, but primarily in pool blue, sky blue, leaf green, ash gray and the like.

Another type of golf shirt is the sweater or knitted type of shirts. Most of them are made from cashmere-blend knitted fabric or silk-blend fabric. These shirts are slightly more expensive than any other type of golf shirts, but look very nice and posh. Alternatively, there are also sweaters made from mercerized cotton, which are normally half the price of the former.

Or if you'd like to be conservative and common, then you would go for the classics sort of golfing shirt. This shirt is essentially like formal outing shirts, but they are usually made of different sort of fabric like golfing cotton and such like. Their designs are customarily common , for example checks and nailhead. And some famous makers of this particular golfing shirt type would be Jack Nicklaus, Polo by Ralph Lauren, and Ashworth.

Besides the above 3, there's another new sort of golfing shirt, which is the results of new fabric technology. This alludes to the trendy and cushty 'cooling' shirts. These shirts wick your sweat away and would lower down your body temperature while playing, immediately influencing on boosting continual strength in your body without wearing off simply. These shirts can be discovered in stores that sell Adidas or Haggar Cool shirts.

Taking care

These shirts are usually similar in the way we should look after them. Packing them in bundles, particularly when we're going for outing or holidays could screw up them, so fold them laid-down on a thin foil of plastic and cover them with dry cleaning bags. Like blazers and slacks, a golfing shirt should be despatched for dry cleaning or washed at home.

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